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Cycling in Scotland

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Cycling in Scotland

I will shortly be starting a one month cycling trip in Scotland and wondered if anyone has any experience of a newish walking/cycling route in the south that crosses from West to East called the John Muir Way. Looks good but would like to know it is suitable for fully loaded touring bike and also to do it the other way ie East to West. Also hope to get to the Outer Hebrides so any feedback on that would be useful. Anyone out in Scotland at the moment who would like to meet up please email me.


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Outer Hebrides

It has been a while since I cycled in Scotland and hopped ferries to the Outer Hebrides, but I had a wonderful time. If you find yourself on the last (main?) island on soltice, there might be a festival celebrating the beginning of summer. Good times to be had with folks from around Europe.

As some things change slowly, if your ever need help in Scotland, enter the pub in the middle of a village, along with cheering your arrival, people will help you if they can.

Enjoy your tour.

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cool easy recomendation

Hi I toured Scotland 6 months ago. Someone at a bike store in Edinborough suggested that I use the Canal to ride to Glasgow. It was a brilliant suggestion not only did I get to see the engineering feat that is the Falkirk wheel but the trail follows the canal over some aquaducts which is ... peculiar. So that is my suggestion for crossing the south of Scotland. Enjoy.

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Thanks for these suggestions, especially the canals which I am investigating now and will probably do this. Have just completed first two days on Coasts and Castles route and despite the weather being pretty average has been great countryside to ride through.

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