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Bad hosting requests

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Bad hosting requests

Is it just me or is common in WS? I get often requests, and most of them are impersonal "hi there" etc. Clearly people didn't take the time to read my profile. I decline every impersonal/copy paste requests and only consider well written, solid requests.

People hosting there: do you experience the same?

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Bad hosting requests

I received 2 last week. Only with the text "application" and with a profile that hardly contained any information. It does not look very serious. A few personal lines will give a better impression.

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I think it depends where you

I think it depends where you live and the person's level of desperation who is sending it. Like I live in Mexico City where there are hundreds of hosts. Pretty common to mass email 10 people and see what sticks. I can empathize as I have been there ;)

If it is one person in the middle of nowhere and your battery isn't low on some spotty wifi connection in the rain then probably can take the time to write an artisanal email but if they will be headed to a major city and have wifi only for the next 10 minutes might as well spam a little. 

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When someone has empty profile, no feedback and writes a very short message without any details about themselves or their journey, we say we can't host them and we suggest they should fill their profile to increase their chances with other hosts. Requests like that are inconsiderate and I don't think they belong on platform like this.

When the person clearly has some experience, it is clear who they are and what they are doing, I don't think short or copy-paste message is a huge issue, especially when they are already on the road (and our profile even clearly states it's fine). We also biked a lot, so we have been there: we've written some late night requests after planning the next leg of the journey on a busy day and our messages weren't always perfect. It can be difficult and I believe many understand that. (But also, we get like 5 requests per year - we would have to deal with it differently if we were flooded by warmshowers)

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My profile states : REQUEST

My profile states : REQUEST SHOULD REACT AT MY PROFILE. NO NOT VERIFIED MEMBERS. When people became members yesterday and have not filled in their profile not welcome. I always consult their profile and reviews of hosts to get an impression.

I can imagine that sometimes requests made while on the road are copy paste requests. And what than happened several times is that my accepting is not canceled and there is a no show. So nowadays I ask for a confirmation or cancelation within some days. When no reaction I send a message that I canceled the request and wish them a pleasant trip

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Re: hosting requests

Yeah, pretty common in my opinion. I've declined many that simply request it too soon (I want at least a few days ahead notice). I've accepted a few despite being last-minute and asked one who then had just mass-mailed the most recent active profiles the night before. 

Personally I dont put much value over the form of the request, as long I get a vibe of sincerity after checking request, profile and whatever more provided. Never feel bad for declining though, it should be a positive experiece for both host and guest and sometimes the timing or feeling is just not good.

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.This is the way it's been

.This is the way it's been for a long time. Way back, when the Couchsurfing site was new, members would respond to requests and requests were real requests. Then it got to the point that instead of contacting one or two hosts in a city, I'd have to contact several, then even more just to get a response. I'm sure it was the same the other way around. I finally quit using CS as it became useless.'s not you, it's alllll of them.

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The "board" is to blame for this

I noticed this is getting really worse after the "board" decided to charge 35 bucks for joining, people joining think that fee entitles them to free lodging and food, they are messing up what it was working smoothly for decades and turning every day further away of the spirit and beliefs warmshowers was funded upon, they had more than enough with the donations to keep the website up, you can see their numbers on the tax reports, they begun having more and more deficit since the current board took charge, i have expresed my concerns as a long time member, they dont listen, they have blocked many, you can see the result in multiple cycle touring forums "yeah, you should join ws, it is 35 bucks but when you consider a single night at a hostel can cost that then it is really cheap, and they feed ypu too" i have cs of all this and more, just a little example of what the current board acomplished, so in short, you will get more shitty requests like that, more and more ...

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Re: The "board" is to blame for this

I couldn't agree more, Tomas! I noticed the same thing!

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Sense of Entitlement

I've had some great experiences over the years being a Warmshowers host but I have to agree that, since the introduction of the joining fee, the attitudes of guests has shifted. Most encounters since then have been pleasant enough but there seems to be an underlying sense of entitlement. The ethos and atmosphere around Warmshowers has changed such that I have made myself unavailable while I consider whether or not I will continue. It's something of a disappointment.

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hosting requests

I have hosted many people over the years and most were good or great. This summer I had three encounters that I did not enjoy. One couple arrived and I offered to let them camp and use the washroom and cook them a meal but they decided to find another place. Another incident was when a cyclist arrived one day and their companion came the next day by plane, if I had known the attitude of the companion I would have turned her down. I had another guest who kept changing the arrival date and when they arrived it was very late. They slept in and I made them a nice breakfast before they left for the day telling me they would keep me informed and not be back late. They arrived back at 10 pm and I had their belonging ready on the porch and said they were welcome to tent and have breakfast. They rode away into the night but they did complain to warm showers and tried to have my account deleted. I considered deleting my account, after all i am getting old but I think i will just be more careful. I am expecting a guest today and they will arrive by car which is good because it is raining hard. 

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I sometimes feel upset by some request, because I mention on my profile just send me message on Signal or telegram because I don't check my email that often, out of 10 request, maybe one will do so...

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sorry judith

I look at your profile I don't see that

 "ride horses and bikes , both are welcome and have spare space,
have a shower, kitchen and sofa to share,
I eat everything, I m not a good cook, I m a non smoker, I have spare bikes and a garden,
I m working on a organic farm and I most of the day outside,
I m very easy going and happy to help"  


and there no other way than mail  no more phone number  ( WS delete them  if you want it you must put it IN  your description )