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Best route or idea traveling Australia in June where to start?

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June is a good time to cycle in the outback, as it will not be too hot. We cycled in Australiean Winter from Melbourne, great ocean road, Adelaide, through the outback via steward Highway until Darwin.

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Hi Mark, is June fixed? Your

Hi Mark, is June fixed? Your riding window at that time of year is roughly 7.30am-4.30pm, and the further south you are it will be colder, wetter and darker. Going into the outback is a serious expedition, not to be undertaken lightly, as very remote - more remote than Siberia. It also, which surprises overseas visitors, is extremely cold (sub-zero C) in the evenings. Spring or autumn offers up way more possibilities. If limited to June, I’d be inclined to head north from Sydney into Queensland, all the way to Cairns if you can (2500kms). The days are mild and the scenery is stunning, and plenty of options on places to camp/stay/eat/explore.

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Melbourne to Cairns

There is no real best route but as said before its cooler in the south and not much daylight.
The coast is too busy.

This was our ride last year

This is also a very nice ride. The far north is ideal in June

Many talk about the Gibb river road. It'd be a nice if not for all the 4WD traffic.

What about Broome to Cairns
Or Kununnura to Cairns.