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**Ocala, Fl** to **DeKalb, IL** (60 miles west of Chicago)

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**Ocala, Fl** to **DeKalb, IL** (60 miles west of Chicago)

I will be keeping this thread as an aternative journal of sorts. I will be leaving the details of where I am and where I'm heading along with some observations. so....

In Ocala, FL. Heading to Gainsville in the morning. Ocala is okay only because my mother lives here and Brick Cuty Bicycle is AWESOME. They have group rides in the warmer months and they really know what they're doing!...
Other than that, it's no fun for cyclists who commute more tha a few miles. Not many bike lanes and plenty of people getting hit by cars.

Still, I loved hanging out in the sunshine and going to the beach. My mother and I had a blast talking about the good old days and all the good days yet to come!

See ya'll in Gainesville!