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101 Seattle to San Diego Tips?

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101 Seattle to San Diego Tips?

Hey just wondering if anyone has tips on the 101 Route from Seattle to San Diego. Gonna head out this week. I've got a few questions.

I have a good amount of gear does everyone unload every night into the tent? Where do you keep your bike?

Is there a perfect amount of clothing or gear you took?

Was there enough places to strictly camp along the way?

What maps did you use?

Also I am doing the journey alone, should I have any concerns?

Thanks in advance,


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as this is the WS webpage, I hope that you intend to access the WS . You will have a much more interesting trip that way.

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We rode this route this

We rode this route this summer. It's an excellent trip; you will enjoy it!

Definitely look into WarmShowers, but we found that there were few WarmShowers hosts in the rural areas along this route, but many near the cities. I would recommend to plan as far ahead as you can to find a WarmShowers host along your route.

We typically locked our bikes to picnic tables or laid them next to our tent. In the campgrounds, we rarely felt unsafe leaving our bikes locked up alone.

There is no right amount of gear; we were comfortable doing the route ultra-light with 15-20 lbs of gear each in the warm summer months, though we saw plenty of fully-loaded bikes with 60+ lbs as well. As it's getting colder, you will want some warmer clothes than we brought!

There is a well-established system of hiker-biker campgrounds along this route. Most state and national parks in Washington, Oregon, and California have hiker-biker spaces. Definitely go on each state park's website beforehand and print out a list of them so you know where you can stop if you don't find a WarmShowers host.

We used a combination of the Adventure Cycling maps and the book "Bicycling the Pacific Coast". They have great recommendations to get off the highway from time to time on less-busy roads.

We met many solo cyclists. Use common sense, wear visible clothing, keep your bike with you, and you should be fine.

Enjoy the trip!


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