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Bike Across the USA for ovarian cancer research and awareness

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Bike Across the USA for ovarian cancer research and awareness

Dear Warmshowers community,

Our names are Christina Pauley and Ajelet Mor and we are currently biking across the United States in order to raise money and awareness for ovarian cancer research, detection, and early prevention. We have just recently graduated from the University of Denver amd began our cross country journey on June 16th, starting at Cape Lookout Oregon. We have now made it to Pennsylvania and are planning on ending at the coast in New Haven Connecticut in just a few weeks! As our journey slowly makes its way to the end, we wanted to reach out to all of you to first, thank you immensely for the endless amounts of help and kindness you have given us thought this journey, and two, to ask for your support. We are hoping to reach $5,000 before the end of our trip but cannot do it without you. Ovarian Cancer is a growing cancer that not enough people know about or feel comfortable talking about and that needs to change. We have partnered with Discover to Cure, a non profit organization for Ovarian Canver Research at Yale University and will be sending our donations to them at the end of August. Any support would be so greatly appreciated.
To make a donation, go to
You can also check out our website/blog at

Thank you for your support

Ajelet & Christina