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Donation not showing up on profile

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Donation not showing up on profile

I'm not sure how we feel about having our donations publicized, but it would be more than appropriate if our recent donation on 5/12/19 showed up in our profile.  Apparently, our profile did not get updated.  Were we entered in the bike raffle?  I wonder where our donation went (paypal to  I'm curious if we are the only ones whose donations are not being credited to their profiles.

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That mail address surprises

That mail address surprises me. I guess that it used to belong to Seth Portner, the previous Executive Director.

And yes, I find that "Contributions" button weird. When I first clicked on it, I thought that it would list someone's posts on the forum.

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I just donated and whts the next?

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Your donation shows up under

Your donation shows up under "contributions" on your profile page, so that works.

And then you wait until someone will request to be hosted. I have no idea how long that might take, I have never heard of anyone cycling through Saudi Arabia. 


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How can I cancel my membership?

It appears I am obtuse this evening, as I cannot locate where I might cancel my membership. I'm unable to host any longer. And, I want to be sure that by canceling my membership, I've also cancelled the annual auto-donation. Thanks for the help. J

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Recurring donation not shown on profile

Every month my recurring donation automatically paid through my credit card and I get an acknowledgement by email. However, the contributions tab shows only one small donation made 4 years ago. Am I being entered in the bike raffle? Is warmshowers getting the money?

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