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Trans-Dinaric tour

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Trans-Dinaric tour

Hey you lovely Warm Showers Community People!!

This is a general shout out for advice on my next tour. Im planning a 3 week self- supported trip in July this coming year; Starting in Zagreb and Finishing with Bar, Montenegro where we have family ties. I am planning on wildcamping 60% of the time. Can anyone lend logistical advice for how they managed their water? Rumour has it that there will be long stretches without so much as a small stream. That sounds dramatic to me and I'm hoping there will at least be a friendly person I can fill up from.

I am attaching a link to the route. Please check it out and send any region specific advice if you so choose. It would be greatly appreciated!!

Route Attachment- will open Bike Map


Ryan Holbrook


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we often toured in that area, also on days with more than 35° - never had problem with water supply. In some areas there were sources. Otherwise tap water was ok in every town and village.

If you have further questions about cycling in Ex-Yugo don't hesitate to contact us.

Greetings from Danube valley
Michaela and Herbert

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