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10 day trip in Thailand, advice?

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10 day trip in Thailand, advice?

I am Pieter-Jan, a newbie here but a I'm not totally new to cycling holidays, that is that I explored the faroe Islands this summer in 7 days by bike.


Now I had the plan to cycle from Bangkok to phuket. (maps. Me route) Planned everything, was going to see day by day about the location I would sleep but I would have ample possibilities. I left, Day 1:got bitten by a dog.. Hospital, vacines, stitches, 7days no cycling. Went back to Bangkok and changed my plans. Now I am in chiang mai, riding around the neighbourhood on a motorcycle and planned on going to Bangkok on Monday to restart my planned tour on thuesday. 

But since I am here now I thought about the possibility to drive from chiang mai to Bangkok.


Any ideas, dangers (who may or may not be related to dogs), tips?


Thanks a lot!



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