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From Australia (or Malaysia/Indonesia...) to Belgium / october 2020 to october 2021!!!

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From Australia (or Malaysia/Indonesia...) to Belgium / october 2020 to october 2021!!!

Hello friends, bikers, folks, warriors !!


My name is Fanny, I come from Belgium and I'm currently in Australia !

I spent 15 months in New Zealand where I travelled by pushbike and I really enjoyed it (of course, some moments were pretty tough...). Over there, I started to dreaming about coming back in Europe by bike (and boat, of course... ;p ). Finally, I came back by plane in Belgium, spent a few months in Europe and I arrived in Aussie in september with another visa which will expires in october 2020). I'd like to stay until there at least (maybe I'll apply for a tourist visa = 3 months more).

So basically, the plan is to leave Aussie in october or later (but I don't know exactly what the weather in Malaysia at that time) and come back in Europe/Belgium by bike. I don't have a precise journey. Could be Malaysia -> Thailand -> Myanmar or Laos -> China -> Mongolia 

Malaysia ->Thailand -> Myanmar -> Bangladesh -> Nepal -> Inde ->China -> Tadjikistan 

I just give you an idea of the first destinations... I'd like to go through Iran and Turkey ;-)  

I don't have a preference between a male or female companion. I'm 32 years old; I don't really care about the age but I'd like someone quite mature. I'm not really fast and I plan to ride between 40 and 80 kms a day (depends on lots of things : fatigue, weight, wants to visit,...).

About me: So I discovered cycling in NZ. I have done +- 3000 kms. I'm a smiling person (not when I'm climbing a slope...), I like to laugh, discuss, listen to people, music, sing, eat. I'm quite open-minded (or I'm happy if I notice myself if I have judgments...). Mmmmhhh what else? Yes, I'm quickly scared so that's why I'd like to find someone to travel with... This big travel will be a challenge for me but I don't wanna to deal with my fears too much. I do care about the environment, recycle, use public transports or bike. I was vegetarian for 5 years. I started to eat and fish a couple months ago (I missed it) but for instance, I'm almost vegetarian cause I don't eat meat from restaurants or supermarkets. Also, I try to eat quite healthy and diversified.

I like also when the things are fair. So, I ask (maybe too much) about opinions of people, what they wanna do, they wanna eat. Usually, I do my best to share tasks, food, gifts etc.

That's the current plan !!

Hope to meet you... somewhere ;-)

Enjoy, live, smile, dare and LOVE !! ,<3



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