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Euro vélo 13 Allemagne / Germany part

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Euro vélo 13 Allemagne / Germany part

Hey !

anyone here did the velo route 13 in Germany ? How was it ? Did u camp ? :)

we are planing to do the route along the layout of the iron wall with teenagers, wondering if it's a bit remote or if we are always close to "civilisation"

thanks for sharing :)


qqun ici a déjà fait la vélo route 13 en Allemagne ? Quelles sont vos impressions ? Vous avez camper en chemin ?

je prévois de suivre l'ancien tracé du mur de fer avec un group d'ado cet été. Je me demande si on est toujours proche de la civilisation ou si au contraire on a un peu l'impression d'être seul.

merci pour vos retours :)

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There's a great book that

There's a great book that covers this route: "The Cyclist who went out in The Cold" by Tim Moore, he cycles the whole route and covers it. It's a very good book, I hope you are able to get  copy.

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remote, but not enough to die unnoticed ;)

We did the German part of Iron Curtain from Coburg to Lübeck in 2017. It was not well signposted and we were glad to have done that before starting on komoot. That allowed us to focus on cycling rather than finding signs or study the map.

You pass many, many historical landmarks; you will cycle mostly on unimportant roads with not too much traffic, passing through small villages and cities. We never carried more than a day's supply of water and some snacks (plus one emergency meal, that we indeed needed due to a none-exisitng campground). You can survive with the given infrastructure of supermarkets, restaurants and sleeping accommodations.(hotels, B&B  B&B in Germany: Pension). Campgrounds, on the other hand, are rare. 

B&B was a nice option. Although some of the ADFC Bed&Bike locations were in a very bad shape as if cyclists were so desperate in need of a bed they were willing to accept anything at any price. Which may be true given my next observation:

Hotels, we learned, do not like cyclists. Better to call ahead, not mention bike, and make a reservation. Otherwise you may find that strangely, hotels naver have vacancies. 

Enjoy your trip!

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Hi folks,

this year in September we did a canoeing tour on river Werra and Weser. On a camp-site near Eschwege we talked to a bicyclist going the path along the iron curtain, so I hope it's OK  to contribute at least 2nd hand information:

- signposts along the bicycle path are still rare

- condition of the track sometimes difficult: gravel roads, tank tracks, vegetation claiming back the ground ...

Nonetheless, the part we saw was nice, and sometimes we have been slightly sad to be bound to the river. If you dare to have a look left and right, and not follow the path given only, it might be a nice tour. Most likely not the must-haves of Gemany, but lots of hidden beauties. 

Best regards,