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cycling in Denmark - return by train - I need help

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cycling in Denmark - return by train - I need help

Dear bicycle friends in Denmark,


my son and I will be cycling the northsea-way No. 4 along the coast from Tönder to Hirtshals in July. We are so happy that the borders are open again so we can realize our plan.

I have difficulties in finding our how to manage the best way back by train with our bicycles from the north (somewhere near Hirtshals, Hjörring or even Aalborg would be possible) to Flensburg. I find the Danishtrain-homepage a bit hard to understand. There might be track-works somewhere because it means changing 5 times from Hjörring to Flensburg? 

Oh dear, I hope someone knows here how would be the best connection from the north to the south.


I thank you all for your help and can't wait to cycle in Denmark :-)

Best regards from 

Ursula in  Stuttgart

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hi Ursula,

hi Ursula,

if you have the possibility download the Interrail app on your phone. The benefit of doing it is that you have the whole european train timetable with options to search for routes with bike transportation capabilities.

Hope this helps.