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Route Dieppe (France) to Saarwelligen (Germany)

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Route Dieppe (France) to Saarwelligen (Germany)

Hi all!

We are Rocio and Jose, a Chilean couple cycletouring across Europe. We need to travel from Dieppe to Saarwelligen. Our preferred option is to do the northern French coast-Belgium-Luxemburgh-Germany but we are afraid about travel restrictions (because of Luxembourg's high rates of infection). Option B would be to take a direct route, crossing France. Anyone knows if this route is beautiful and worth traveling??

Any advice would be highly appreciated.

Thank you very much!!

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north of France

The north of France isn't the most beautiful area for sure - quite flat and a lot of industry. Right now Luxembourg shouldn't be an issue. If this does change you will have to adjust your route just a bit to the south in order to get around Luxembourg.

Where do you intend to travel from Saarwellingen?