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Southern tier November 15 2020

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Southern tier November 15 2020

Hi all!

I'm currently in the states and since international lockdown appears to be in effect for at least the rest of the year, I am interested in doing the southern tier using a set of adventure cycling maps. 

This is a trip I'm taking in mid november when my recurring seasonal teaching job is finished for the year. The problem that this creates is that it will be quite cold crossing some sections of NM, passes which reach a max height of 8,000 elevation. I'm into seeing what kind of conditions I can endure and might not be the kind of trip for the faint of heart or if you have difficulties with the cold weather. 

Let me know what kind of questions you have- looking forward to possibly sharing an adventure with friends. I'm pretty easy going for the most part, love to laugh and make self deprecating jokes often and take difficulties in life with a humor pill. I live in Oregon currently as a elementary outdoor education teacher and love children. I like lots of movement and lift weights, yoga, run and cycle often, and enjoy quality literature. 

See you out there


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