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Route from Munich to Venice

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Route from Munich to Venice


   I'm wondering if anyone has rode  the bicycle route from Munich Germany to Venice Italy.

   Would love to hear what you thought and any tips.    How much of it was on bike trails and what is the condition of the trails.   

   Thanks for any help.  It's been a while since I've done any long tours    Now that I'm retired I'm looking forward to many bike tours as soon as I can get a vaccine.

  Best wishes to everyone stay safe.

  Thank you for your help.


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There is a marked cycling

There is a marked cycling route Via Augusta - near the historic Roman road. One end of the route is in Venice, other end not far from Munich. You can find a lot of information about this route by just Googling it. If you like paper maps you can buy this - . I did the route from Venice to Munich following this paper map some years ago. The tails are very good, a lot of special bicycle trails only. 

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Thank you Janis

This info will be helpful. Hopefully I will be able to do this ride by August


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Munich - Venice

Hi Tom,

I've done the route last summer with a friend and I can definitely recommend it!! It is stunning and we enjoyed it a lot!

The condition of the trails is really good. In fact, twice the route is going on old train tracks, which is super nice. Only the part from Toblach to Cortina d'Ampezzo has a little bit more of a rocky road, but still very well passable. Everything is quite well assigned, which makes it easy.

As it is forbidden to take bikes to Venice, I would recommend you to stay on Lido and go to Venice from there for visiting. It's the island just before Venice and has very regular ship service to the city. Also you have a beach there :)

The official website of the cycling path munich-venice might be quite helpful for you:

If you have any more questions, let me know and fingers crossed the situation due to Covid will get better!

Stay safe,


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Thank you Anna

Anna, I really appreciate you sending me the link for the bike route.   Nice to hear you enjoyed your trip last summer.

    I'm hoping it will be safe to travel again by this summer or maybe September.

    Looks like there are two slightly different routes, the one you mentioned and the other one mentioned by Janis above.   

    I will be better able to tell when I have a chance to look at them on a computer as the phone screen is pretty small.

   Stay well,

     Thank you Tom 

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Bicycle in Venice

If in Venice, there is a paid garage (bici park) where you can put your bike in a little house (I think I paid 10eur / 24h recently):

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Thank you Roman,

I have out the trip off until next year.  Hopefully May or September.   Time will tell.

Thanks again, Tom