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1-week short tour central Germany mid-April

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1-week short tour central Germany mid-April

Hi cyclists,

I'm am going on a one-week bike tour between April 17 and 25th in Central Germany and looking for companions if anyone here is spontaneous enough to join! I live in the central province of Thuringia and would ideally start the tour there but am flexible to start somewhere else if necessary.

As for the route I'm interested in following the Werra/Weser route to Bremen, alternatively Saale&Elbe to the Baltic Sea, or the Main/Altmühl/Donau route in Bavaria - again I'm flexible to adjust depending on the potential companion's plans and the current Covid situation in the German states

I plan to camp & use warmshowers (of course), cycling 70-100km/day depending on route, weather, sights along the way.

about me: 35 yrs, male omnivore, born & raised in Germany but have lived abroad 8+ years
cycle toured in New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Portugal, Guatemala

Would love to hear from you if you're keen on joining!

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