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Cycling The Camino Portugues

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Cycling The Camino Portugues

Hello! Starting to research cycling the Camino Portugues coastal route for my 50th birthday - starting in Lisbon to Santiago Compostela and hoping to connect with Warm Showers hosts along the way!  Is the best option to just match up the map and book - I'm imagining a combination of Camino housing and WarmShowers would work best? Thanks!

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Camino Portuguese

We did this about 12 yrs ago. A lovely route! 

We flew to Lisbon , got a taxi (expensive) to Sintra and cycled our own route close to the sea all the way to Porto - then followed Brierleys guide to the inland route. 

The Sintra to Porto was amazing and quiet - we used the old military maps (only maps with good scale) but 'updated ' them from google for major roads... not much had changed! There were only a few albergues (pilgrim hostels ) as it is not signed at all, but coast , Nazare etc...

Porto to Sde C was also fabulous, timeless and quite tough in bits - dont cycle Portela Grande....go round! 

Go on - there is a forum with everything u need Camino wise - including up to date albergue lists and prices, where to get passport and everything u could possibly need to know!!

Bom Camino - enjoy!