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Cycle Touring Montreal Quebec to Oromocto New Brunswick?

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Cycle Touring Montreal Quebec to Oromocto New Brunswick?

Hey there, 

We are just working on a tour plan riding from Niagara Falls to Montreal then onto Fredericton New Brunswick. We are wanting to take our recumbent trikes and we’d like to know what riding through northern NB in particular would be like? We have not cycled east of Rivière du Loup so information on the route east through Quebec is definitely welcome as well. We generally camp and/or enjoy the Warmshowers network of folks. How much of it is trail and that which is not, is the shoulder and route decent for cycling? I grew up in NS and I remember roads in NB as narrow and winding. Any “recent” firsthand insight is appreciated. Feel free to email me directly. Thanks :-) Kiersten & Denis

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Cocagne to Toronto advice

Hi Kiersten and Denis,

We rode from Cocagne (near Oromocto) to Toronto in May / June 2017. We followed highway 134 until Kouchibouguac and then took Highway 117 around the coast to Miramichi. We had to take the TC a bit until we picked up highway 134 again which took us all the way to Campbellton. From there we took Highway 132 to Sainte-Flavie and then followed the St Lawrence to Rivière du Loup. The roads were fantastic, although be warned the wind was brutal along the St Lawrence!

One of the highlights was taking in the view over the St Lawrence River from the Belvédère Beaulieu de Saint-Simon viewing platform. There are some steep trails to navigate on the la Route verte trail to get there but it's breathtaking.

We spent most evenings camping or staying with Warmshowers hosts. If it's helpful I can email you a full breakdown of our route and where / who we stayed with each night?