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East Coast Greenway

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East Coast Greenway

I'm planning a tour down the East Coast Greenway (Calais --> Key West) in June/July 2022, and I'm looking to connect with others who may have completed this route in the past!

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EC Greenway sucks


Just cycled from tip of Maine to Southern Georgia (then across Southern States to Los Angeles, and finally, up coast to SF,) in 2021. Many times hopped on Green Way, but just as quickly sought other routes.

As a West Coast rider, first time on East with a bike. Secondly, I am not really the type to follow a route simply because....

If you randomly explore the coastal strip on a bike, you will find yourself on the ECGW. Then, as I found out, I turned left while the way turned right. Hours later, days later, my route was the ECGW. 

In Maine, ride the coastal roads when a loop possible. The way was not on these roads. Other end, Florida is packed along the coast, the middle is much better riding.,

When I found myself on the ECGW, it was not about beautiful or historical. In the end, I had no idea of the purpose of the ECGW. I suspect, some family day rides, nothing more.

Again, raised riding the West, don't like to follow set routes.

Happy trails, Peter