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Cycling Amsterdam-Instanbul with a 6-foot tallbike

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Cycling Amsterdam-Instanbul with a 6-foot tallbike


My name is Alex, I'm 19 years old, and I'm from Italy/England (Raised in UK).

I am currently living in Holland since January, and will be setting off on the 1st of May (2022) from Amsterdam, to cycle slowly towards Turkey (final destination is Cappadocia), on a **tallbike**.

A tallbike is a heavily modified bicycle, mine in question being 6 feet to the handlebars. It has a long wheelbase, and plenty of storage capacity. In theory I will have been the first person ever to cross (almost) all of Europe by tallbike, and definitely the first one to cross continents on one.

My route is roughly planned, following Eurovelo 15 until Basel, then looping around Switzerland to see some of the famous lakes, coming back up through Zurich and onto EV 6 and then detouring an extra 200 miles to see Neuschwanstein castle and Munich, and finally splitting off from EV 6 and coming down the left-hand side of Bulgaria to join EV 13 towards Instanbul. 

Once in Asia, depending on how I feel, I might try and cycle across some of Asia too. 

I'm currently looking for a companion to ride with me for some or all of my journey. You don't have to be riding a tallbike (although it would be awesome if you did), and ideally I'd like to tour with somebody aged between 17-25.

I'm a fairly slow rider as I am very overpacked, averaging around 40 miles a day; more if the weather is good, less if there is a headwind.

My website (still in construction) is , and if you want to contact me by email it's [email protected]

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