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Albany, NY to Manchester, NH

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Albany, NY to Manchester, NH


I'm riding out east this June to visit my brother who lives outside of Manchester, New Hampshire. I plan on following the ACA's Northern Tier route to Buffalo and then follow the Erie Canal across New York state to Albany. From there, I'm not sure what the best route would be for the rest of the way. Options include riding east through much of Massachusetts before turning north, or heading northeast from Albany and crossing through the Green Mountains of Vermont.

If you have any experience and recommendations, I'd be happy to hear from you! Thanks!


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Albany NY going east

Hi Dane,

For my cross country tour in 2023, I plan to leave Albany on Route 7 toward Bennington.  Then follow Route 9 in VT and NH.  I have looked at various routes on Google maps, ACA, and Strava; as well as reading journals of others that have ridden through this area heading east.  Route 9 in VT and NH seems a fairly well travelled route for cyclists.  There is a trade off it seems between more miles or less climbing.  I've tried to find a happy medium.  Best of luck on your tour.