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Nice wildlife location in Norway

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Nice wildlife location in Norway

Hey, I'm nicolas.
A beginner wildlife photographer living in Switzerland :)
I'm planning a trip from Switzerland to Norway this summer and looking for nice places to see some wildlife !
You might guess it, i don't know much about Norway, that's why i'm asking !
Mostly interested in quiet places where I can be alone and let my bike down and my stuff to hike to some nice places. 

By the way, if you live in Norway, would be a pleasure to meet you on the road !

I don't know if i will get the time to go too much on the north, but for sure i will travel the south.

Nicolas from Switzerland



PS: Sorry for my english

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Hi NIcolas,

The thing about Norway, it is big, and only 5.5 million people. So once you get out of the big towns, it is not hard to find quiet places where you can be alone - you do not need to reach the very North for that!  But of course, being big and empty, the wild animals have plenty of places to be that are away from people. The mountaineous terrain can make it difficult, and even dangerous, for people to reach many places. However, near the many lakes, fjords and coastline almost anywhere you can find quiet spots and, with patience, many interesting birds and other animals.  So, in short, don't worry too much, keep away from the big towns, and you should be fine! Enjoy!

Regards Mark