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Iceland in August

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Iceland in August

Hello there!

A few weeks ago, my employer announced everyone gets a one-week vacation in August, and my first thought was where I could travel and tour around. When I started to read about the Golden Circle in Iceland, the idea stuck. I am now tentatively planning on doing the tour in two weeks, giving enough time to see the beautiful sites (and hot springs) while also making progress every day. We would generally be camping (or a few kind Warm Showers hosts when possible) and cycling an average 62 miles/day (~100 km). We would be doing the Golden Circle, which is almost entirely on Route 1, passing by the Black Sand Beach, hot springs, and scenic landscapes.

So about me: I am a 29-year-old male who works on developing molecular tools, so I am excited about seeing larger than a single cell for a few weeks. I have a few tours under my pedals, so I know to be afraid of headwinds and understand flat tires are part of the process. My first tour was the Northern Tier of the United States in 2013, later the East Coast (Maine to Florida) in 2015, and across Australia in 2018. So it has been a few years since I've been on the road and excited about the prospect (well, maybe not the sore butt). If you want to cyber stalk me before talking - my Instagram handle is STHennigan92 (I am not an active poster, but hopefully, it gives a good first impression). 

A cycling partner interested in taking time to explore a new part of the world, even for a short time, is ideal. I am pretty easygoing and open to anyone; I just ask you have some experience with cycling/touring so you know what it can take (I do not want someone to get on the road and find out it is not for them). Even if you are not entirely sure you can/want to do this but interested, shoot me a message, and we can go into more details. Hoping to hear from someone and plan on another adventure!



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