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6 days Tour from Germany to England from end of june

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6 days Tour from Germany to England from end of june

Hi everyone,
my name is Mark, 39 yrs old from Paderborn, a town in North Rhine Westphalia.
Im planning go on a biketrip at the end of june `23 for 6 days.
I`ll start at my house and will make it up to Herne Bay, Kent in the UK, within 6 days.
Thats not much, but thats my goal for `23.
KM in total ~650 ( about 40 by ferry)
So i will cycle around 100 km per day.
This topic should help me to find people, who can offer me a place to stay.
At least just a pitch for my tent and maybe a shower.
No need for food or anything else.....but if you want to...;-)
My stops will be:

-Waltrop/Recklinghausen ( GER )
-Niederdorf or Venlo ( NL )
-Sint Jozef Olen ( B )
-Astene or Deinze ( B )
-Gravelingen ( F )
So, if you do live around this places ( max. radius 10 KM) and do have space and are willing to give me this space, i would appreciate to get in touch with you and arrange my tour to yours.
Just let me know and we can talk about details.
Kind Regards


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