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How to send a request?

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How to send a request?

Planning a tour for the upcoming "long" weekend, I've sent a couple of messages, requesting a stay. It was my understanding, that this IS the way to send a request. The potential hosts stated in their profiles, that they are welcoming fellow cyclists. However, since there was no answer so far, I've looked into my messages, and realized there is a section "Unanswered requests", which in my case was empty.

I re-examined my contacts' profiles, but didn't find anything for sending a proper request.

I'm new here (although I've been an active couchsurfer in the past). Could someone explain the rules more precisely than it is done on the front page?

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Just send message

On the profil description you have
Send message

After you have to wait
Unfortunatly lots of members dont answer

statistics for 2023 Responsiveness to private messages/hosting requests drop to 63.8 % ( was 87.5 in 2013 ) That is a real problem

Look for ACTIVES members connecting recently and with good % for answers

Unanswered answers is when somebody send YOU message and when YOU dont answer