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bike tour ideas mid-Decemeber to January

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bike tour ideas mid-Decemeber to January

Hi everyone! I’m seeking companions to bike tour the California coast or the Mexico Baja Divide ( this winter around Dec 15-Jan 6 (anyone out there excited for missing Christmas?). The last longer tour I did was solo Nashville-Chicago-NYC. I bike regularly and have good endurance. I prefer a combination of camping, Warmshowers, and cheap hotels. If you already have a plan and would like me to tag along that would be awesome. If you have similar thoughts we can plan the trip together, which is awesome too!

On a different note, I’m also open to plans/ideas for traveling to some parts of South America. Due to the time restriction, I might not ship my bike. I’d love to do a combo of backpacking and bus. Please let me know if you’re interested.

Ultimately, I’m very flexible. Feel free to come to me with your alternative plans as long as it’s during Dec 15-Jan 6 (due to visa restrictions I can only do U.S./Mexico/South America). Can’t wait to start the next adventure!

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