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Yosemite by bike

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Yosemite by bike

Heho, I'm Daniel and going to visit the Yosemite national park in early Oktober during my bike-tour through the south-west of the USA!
I would have some questions, maybe you've got experiences and answers! :)

1. In early Oktober on the high point of the Tioga pass: Will I have to expect snow?
Wouldn't be a problem, but still nice to know in advance :)

2. As the incline is quite big and most of the campsites are closed at this time of the year:
I think Porcupine creek is the only open one... Do you know if there is an opportunity to get the allowance to camp during my passing near the road? Not at an campsite..
If you want: Can I get kind of an front-country permit instead of an back-country permit?

3. Does somebody have any experiences with black bears?
I'm not so afraid of meeting one during biking or hiking, but what do you do if one visits you, when you already build your camp? Talk friendly and offer some tea? ;)

4. There are several giant sequioa groves:
Is Toulumne grove fantastic enough or should I visit Mariposa Grove instead/ too? Toulumne grove would be on my way, Mariposa would be an day extra!

So thanks so far, I hope somebody can help somehow ;)

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What is your route: start and

What is your route: start and finish?

It is a long climb from the Valley floor to Tuolumne Meadows; the pass is beyond that. Anything is possible at the top of the pass, but the Valley should still be nice in Oct. It is a beautiful ride from Fresno to Yosemite; through Course Gold and Fish Camp. The climb to the Valley takes you to the Glacier Point turn out, which is a great scenic view.

Hang or put food in bear lockers and you should be fine.


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Thanks for the answer :) I

Thanks for the answer :)
I will arrive in San Francisco (1. Oct.)!
I don't know, I thought of taking the train to Merced and start biking from there, as I don't know how enjoyable the trip between SF and Mariposa would be...
I'm so excited about nature, maybe it's not that fun to cross miles of suburbs at first ;) Or is it? Is the landscape between SF and the mountains worth the trip? :)

After Yosemite I want to drive through Death Valley to the Grand Canyon,
and then southwards to Phoenix, from there to LA and visit Channel Islands :) I don't know how I'm going to be in time, but my flight back is from SF too, so maybe I'm going to drive there along the coast and visit the Los Padres NF and stuff:)

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I can give you more details

I can give you more details later, but if you are wanting to do Channel Islands, I have a kayak/camp trip to Santa Cruz Island planned for Nov 7-9th! Join us if you are around then!


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The most accurate information

The most accurate information about camping will come from the Park Service.
Keep checking on the park website…
It's really up to the weather… not what any of us think the weather might be like when you actually get there.
There very well may be snow in places. Watch the weather reports.

Camping in the park where you do not have access to bear boxes leaves you at risk of having more bear encounters than at the regular camping places with bear boxes.

Hanging food in Yosemite is not the same as hanging food in places like where I live… where there are still black bear, but they aren't learned in the ways of park bears.
I have seen Yosemite bear find ways to bring down food hangs. I don't recommend it.
I have also missed one bear 'attack' by a day when the guy who brought food into his tent, then by report… swatted at the bear as it was trying to get into his tent, was flown out due to his injuries.

Think of the thousands of hikers and campers who make it to Yosemite every year… and the few bear issues most folks have when they follow park suggestions/rules.

The boxes have room to fit your panniers in them. Be sure to put your toothpaste, deodorant, sun block… all that stuff, in with your food.
I found that when I put my food in the approved boxes, left my empty backpack outside my tent with every flap, zipper, and pocket open… the bears would sometimes poke their noses in but never had to tear into it to find out there was nothing there to eat.
Keep a clean camp and you will be fine. This also worked for me when traveling along the Yukon River in Canada and Alaska for 2 weeks, as well as working on a fire crew up in Alaska when I lived there.

As far as #4… we just went back to Yosemite this Summer for 4 days. Tuolumne is certainly beautiful. Glacier Point was great to visit.
You might not be able to access Mariposa Grove in October. Check with the park.

Have a wonderful trip!

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Hey thanks for your reply, it

Hey thanks for your reply, it was really helpfull! :)
I think I am now relaxed enough for my first experiences with those bears :D

It seems as if there is no way to get a permit for sleeping one night near the road on the way from valley to porcupine creek, but I found this report and well... seems to be possible to do it in one day, even with luggage!

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